Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed my driving lessons because they involved a lot of practise where I could develop my skills whilst also been given advice from my driving instructor Shayne. The driving system used was good because it provided me with a book to help me pass both my theory test and practical and it let me log each lesson in so i could go back and reflect on each lesson. The teaching style was ideal for me because you could learn from your mistakes whilst also gaining new knowledge which could improve your driving techniques.

Emma Christie
Passed 1st Time
Learning to drive has been one of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences of my life and I am so thankful to Shayne for his excellent teaching, helping me to pass first time despite being incredibly nervous! I found making progress with the LD system straightforward and very effective, as from the start I had a lot of independence and input in my lessons, which allowed me to spend more or less time on different driving skills as needed. I really enjoyed using the workbook, especially towards the start of my lessons, to reflect, plan and set targets for future lessons. Closer to my driving test, the quizzes and test information helped me to focus on more advanced driving skills.

As a visual learner, the youtube videos by the LDC helped me to prepare before by learning the theory and seeing it in practice, maximising my lesson time. My favourite part about Shayne’s approach to driving instruction was that I could make mistakes and go wrong at times, but he was always so calm and patient which allowed me to take it as a learning experience and improve and move on, rather than feeling scared or anxious. I now feel a lot more confident about my driving, and feel safe to drive alone, although I’ll miss having lessons and Shayne’s life advice chats!

Tabitha HallidayTabitha Halliday
Passed 1st Time
Shayne has been a fantastic instructor that allowed me to pass my test first time very calm and confidently. I feel very safe and secure driving independently due to all the advice and help he has given me in every single lesson. personally, I think the work book and online targets really helped me to see what I could do next in each lesson and to see how far I had come since starting the lessons. For me this really improved my confidence and it allowed me to feel like My hard work was paying off. The theory test resources were extremely useful as most of the questions on the real test I had learnt already from the provided resources All together my driving experience with LDC has been fantastic and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Lawrence Richmond
Passed First Time
Shayne Toy’s fantastic teaching, partnered with the effective Learner Driving Centre course, has enabled me to quickly and comfortably progress with my driving, ultimately resulting in a first-time driving test pass within 5 weeks’ worth of lessons. The resources available to students are expansive; I was able to prepare for my lessons using the LDC Driving Skills book, as well as YouTube videos, and if I had preferred, there are also DVDs containing lesson videos and other helpful theory. A useful website allowed me to track my progress in each module both online as well as in the book, and here I could view my scheduled lessons. This preparation allowed me to dedicate essentially my entire lesson for driving, with no time spent studying theory or technique, as I had gone over it at home. Furthermore, the almost identical simulation of the theory tests made revising for this easy, and no additional cost was needed on apps or other theory-related material. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my entire learning experience, and not once did I find myself dissatisfied with a lesson in any way. In terms of progress made, fun, safety, requisite skill, and everything else, each lesson was tailored to my individual pathway towards safe and confident driving. I would recommend Shayne and the LDC system wholeheartedly to anybody, and I am confident that we will be coming back when my sister learns to drive.

Eva ZieglerEva Ziegler
Passed first time
I loved learning to drive with the LD system. I started my lessons with Shayne as a very unconfident driver but this changed within just a few lessons due to me being able to plan my own lessons at a rate I was comfortable with. The workbook enabled me to see what I had left to do before I was ready for my test along with information on each part of the test so I knew what to expect on the day. The workbook also allowed me to not dwell on things that went wrong in my lessons as I had to think about the positives too. I wrote down all things I felt I had to improve on next lesson and then I knew exactly what I had to do next to make these into positives. I loved learning to drive with Shayne and I definitely wouldn't have passed my test first time and I know that I wouldn’t be the confident driver I am now without the system.

Jake AinsworthJake Ainsworth
Passed first time
I found it great being able to plan my own lessons and found taking 2 hour lessons I would me the most improvement. I would recommend Shayne to anyone and already have. He has a great availability and put in a lot of effort into everything he does while teaching and will adapt to any scenario. I had many nervous times while driving but Shayne was always calm no matter what happened.

Issy MurrayIssy Murray
Passed 1st Time
I really enjoyed my driving lessons as, from the beginning, I was given a large amount of independence thanks to the LD system. I felt in control because I could plan my own lessons which meant that I was more inclined to retain the skills covered in my lessons; this was supported by the evaluative process that I carried out after each session which helped me to identify areas for improvement. In my opinion, the workbook was more useful than the DVD as it provided the necessary information in a logical and efficient manner and I was able to make notes and highlight an particularly relevant or important points.

The test questions were equally helpful as they were a good way to ensure retention of important information before getting into the car and putting it into practice. Shayne was a fab driving instructor as he enabled me to drive independently by not providing an excessive amount of input whilst still giving support and inspiration in terms of things we could do in lessons as well as giving my parents and I ideas as to what we could do outside of this time. He also asked useful questions and gave handy suggestions along the way which made my learning positive, reflective and enjoyable. Overall, I really enjoyed my driving lessons and feel as though I improved week on week. Although it was useful to be lucky enough to be able to practice outside of my lessons, these sessions provided me with an extremely strong foundation and I have to admit that I'm a little sad they're over!

Abbie Turner
Passed with Shayne
Only had Shayne as an instructor for a short while but would rate him 5 stars if I had been with him from the start. His teaching methods were very useful and he was very calm. I had failed my test 3 times with another instructor but passed first time with shayne. I found the following elements of instruction particularly helpful: Roundabouts, Parallel parking and getting to grips with stopping distances.

Lucy HopkinsLucy Hopkins
Loved the LD system and passed first time
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with the LD system. I really like how it is very student centered and offered a more independently of learning. Personally, it made me think about my own driving and the way was doing things more, which I believe led me to faster progression. I also liked how the system allowed me to try more things for myself first, as it enabled me to think more carefully about what I was doing and made it easier for me to identify any changes/improvements that I needed to make. Having the additional resources such as the workbook and DVD also made a difference to my driving.

They allowed me to read up and understand the skills I needed when learning to drive and provided me with additional support. In particular, I really liked how the workbook allowed me to plan and prepare for my lessons in advance, as it made itemiser when it came to the lesson as I already had a basic understanding.

I was also given some online resources that helped me prepare for my theory test, as they offered great revision resources. Finally, I would also highly recommend Shayne as a driving instructor. He is very calm and made me feel at ease when learning to drive. He offered me great support and guidance during my lessons and I felt that he helped me gain all the skills that I needed to pass my test first time.

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